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(Our Tropical fish house)

The JMC Aquatics distribution facility is on a one acre site in Sheffield.  We have 5 main fish houses and two 6000 square foot warehouses for our accessory lines. The tropical fish houses are split between recirculated systems and stand alone, static aquariums.  The Coldwater fish houses consist of a large koi holding facility, the main sales vats and tanks and the outdoor, enclosed ponds.  In total we have nearly 1000 glass aquariums and 100 vats for the tropical and coldwater fish.

Due to the huge amount of space we have available, we can offer you a fantastic range of tropical fish, coldwater fish and Koi . From standard lines such as neons and guppies, goldfish and fantails to more unusual species such as freshwater stingrays and L number Plecs  and Perch and Bream for your pond.

The space we have available also means we can hold our fish for longer after import and confidently offer you consistency of availability and quality.

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JMC is a family run firm which employs approx 20 members of staff. Running our fish facility we have a successful combination of college trained aquatic specialists and fish enthusiasts with many years’ experience. To back them up we also have a great team of logistics and administration staff.


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We aim to deliver to all our customers using our own fleet of vans.  We deliver to most parts of the UK once or twice a week.  Click here to see our delivery schedule.  The minimum order for free delivery is £125.  Using our own vans and drivers ensures you can be satisfied with the fish and products you have received from us and anything you are not happy with can be returned there and then for a full credit.  Of course if you would rather choose and collect your please contact us to arrange this.  Call and collect customers are always welcome.

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