Cold Water Fish


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We have three main departments for our coldwater fish

Koi Carp

Our Nottingham fish house is fitted with purpose built koi vats and systems and it holds a range of fish in sizes 2-18” in grades B to Hand Picked. We have something for every budget. We are an appointed distributor of Israeli Koi, and as such can offer a huge range of stock for you to choose from.  You are welcome to either call in to pick or have them delivered FREE to your door. Why console your Koi when you can have smaller quantities of top quality, quarantined Koi at very competitive prices.

Pond Fish

Year round we stock a complete range of sizes of Goldfish, Sarasa, Shubunkin, and other Goldfish varieties. During the pond season we also hold many English bred varieties such as Orfe, Tench, Grass Carp, Sturgeon, Perch and Bream.

Indoor Fancy Aquarium Fish

Our Coldwater Fancy fish are very popular. We stock a huge selection of Orandas, Ryukins, and Fantails as well as more unusual types such as Lionheads, Pearlscales and Bubbleyes.

We have excellent suppliers in Hong Kong and across the Far East and import fish from 2” up to 5”

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