Dry Goods

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At JMC we hold a very comprehensive range of aquatic and reptile dry goods.

We are the exclusive distributor Aqua Nova.  This low cost, high quality range of pond and aquarium electrical and non-electrical accessories provides a reliable, affordable source of many aquatic essentials.

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Our own brand JMC Catfish pellets and High Protein and other foods are very popular and to compliment this range we have the Tropical brand of foods. A high end product, which is especially popular in Europe, the range and quality is superb.  Frozen fish and reptile foods are also big sellers as they are practical to use and easy to store.  We stock over 60 varieties of frozen food for every kind of fish and reptile.


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We stock the best sellers from some of the leading brands such as Hagen, Interpet and Tetra and a great range of Gravels, fish bags, books, ornaments, medications, test kits and reptile accessories.


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